‘Rise in e-com, pharma, perishables, express cargo driving growth’

“India’s cargo industry holds immense potential and plays a crucial role in driving the country’s economic growth. Currently, we are witnessing robust growth driven by various factors such as the rise of e-commerce, the expansion of the pharmaceutical sector, increasing demand for perishable goods, and the growing need for express cargo services,” says Satyaki Raghunath, COO, BIAL. He adds, “The future will also be fueled by rising consumer demand, government initiatives promoting ease of doing business, and the implementation of advanced technologies for efficient logistics management. At BLR Cargo, our comprehensive range of cargo solutions is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From state-of-the-art facilities and advanced cargo handling systems to customised services and efficient supply chain solutions, we strive to provide seamless and reliable cargo operations. Furthermore, India’s position as a global hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing and exports opens up immense possibilities for the cargo industry. We have also observed a steady rise in the export of perishable goods, including food products and flowers. Embracing digitalization, automation, last-mile delivery solutions, and sustainable practices are essential to staying competitive and meet evolving customer expectations. BLR Cargo has an estimated growth potential of 8.5-10% annually, aiming to reach 1.7-1.9 million metric tonnes (MTPA) by 2038.”