‘Hazard identification & risk assessment done regularly for chemical storage & handling’

From the warehousing perspective, Marcus Fornell, Director – Warehousing Solutions/ Contract Logistics at Rhenus Logistics India shares, “Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of each product / material is thoroughly studied and reviewed before it comes in the Rhenus warehouse for storage in order to understand all storage & handling requirements of chemical products. The team handling these chemicals is fully trained for handling and storage of chemicals. Hazard identification and risk assessment is done regularly for taking appropriate control measures during storage and handling of chemicals. Emergency Response Plan and Incident Reporting Systems are in place to manage any possible mishaps associated with chemicals storage including fire detection and firefighting arrangements.” He adds, “Rhenus India has 31 fully complaint and certified warehouses strategically located across India with 2.4 million Sq. Ft. of warehousing space. All our warehouses follow an international standard of EHS. Our warehouses have a state-of-the-art infrastructure including:
• PEB stable building structure to withstand earthquake; situated far away from residential areas.
• Adequate illumination & ventilation as per national norms/NBC.
• Firefighting and Fire Detection Systems (fire hydrant/sprinkler, beam detection systems connected to fire alarm) as per norms.
• Emergency Exits connected to fire alarm with at least 2 Hours fire resistance.
• Arrangements for containment of large quantity of Chemical spill (containment pit) as per storage requirement.
• Standard Electrical fixtures installed with adequate safety devices like MCB/RCCB/ELCB and sufficient earthing’s provided for all electrical equipment including lightening arrestors.
• Dock levellers provided for each dock for loading/unloading activity.
• Modern Material handling equipment’s for material movement which are operated by trained competent operators.
• High density racking systems for material storage designed as per storage requirement.
• Multilayer site security comprising of Physical security, electronic access control for certain areas, CCTV covering entire site.”