‘Govt., terminal operators & airlines must build confidence in AFS’

Vipin Vohra, Chairman, Continental Carriers stressed, “The concept of air freight station (AFS) is new in the industry. It is being misunderstood by various departments and terminal operators. They have different charges—for the airlines as well as AFS operators. This is making AFS operations more expensive. The airlines are reluctant to offer pallets, we have spent 12 years to get permission for AFS, but the confidence of the airlines to use the AFS is low. This concept is very popular across the world. In India. I do not know why the concept is not being accepted. This is going to hurt the industry in the coming years. The way the cargo is going to increase, if there are no more AFSs, the industry will suffer a lot. Even the customs charges are high. The policy needs to be changed and then only we are going to survive.”